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  1. Students in Recovery
    3548 members, 31.8K views.
  2. Gay Men
    1344 members, 30.7K views.
  3. SOS: Significant Others Support
    693 members, 27.8K views.
  4. 12-Step Rebooters
    519 members, 9.5K views.
  5. Teenage Fapstronauts
    509 members, 5.6K views.
  6. Relationship Support
    366 members, 5.8K views.
  7. Discussing Mental Health Issues
    342 members, 3.8K views.
  8. Recovering from sissy porn
    304 members, 9.2K views.
  9. Chosen a Celibate Life
    294 members, 7.6K views.
  10. Confused Sexualities
    292 members, 6.1K views.

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A place for rebooters to meet and discuss 12-Step programs in conjunction with their reboot
A group for male fapstronauts who are sexually attracted to both men and women.
A support group for victims of childhood abuse
A roleplaying order of knights on a quest to rid the world of PMO.
PFEM (Police, Fire Dept., Emergency medical services, Military) Only
For people who are recovering from the sissy sub-set of porn