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For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ
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Dec 13, 2015
Spirituality and Religion
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We are just regular folks who have found there is no better life than following Jesus of Nazareth as his disciples. We encourage each other on this journey, so that we are equipped and prepared for whatever he has in store for us, and we are always ready to extend a hand to anyone who is on this journey with us. Grace and peace to you!

Helpful resources:
  • The FREEdom Process from Suitt's More Than a Sunday Faith
  • PMO Calendar - highly recommended if you are under 100 days on your current NoFap streak
  • Discover how to connect with God via your own unique sacred pathway.


  • Speak the truth to one another in love.
  • Please provide a reference/source for anything you knowingly quote, including Scripture.
  • Keep all language family-friendly.
  • We are here primarily to support one another in our commitment to no PMO as disciples of Christ. Theological discussions should be limited to the group forums. Be sure to read the stickied post(s) before posting there.
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