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Whenever you fail, or screw up - never be down on yourself. Never feel angry, or hurt - because we have to understand that we are trying to fight against something that took years to build. It doesn't matter if you fail 1,50, or even 1000 times. The main point is that you keep going. That you brush off whatever emotions, or feelings you have, and honestly within yourself keep trying to the best of your ability. If not today, then tomorrow. Every step you take towards liberating yourself of these chains, is a step of progress that is not in vain. Even if you abstain from one day of porn, that is still ONE full day without porn. It is still some progress. We should definitely, clearly remember though of where we came from, and where we are going. If you used to Fap 8 times a day, then that is ground zero, that is where you work from - that is the low-point. If you want to progress than you need to work away from this low point. The further away, even if you fall, you'll fall miles from the low-point. Keep fighting guys. Its funny because we all contain the capacity to be Super. Life waits for no one, we need to do this today. Today is the day. Never wait until tomorrow, keep fighting for this change today. It is in your hands. Never give up.
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Just joined today and honestly, this is the sort of message i needed to see. I have just set my streak and i am ready to fight this to end. As you said, we are all in this together. Moreso, during this unforeseen covid circumstances, we need to be strong and support each other as possible. We can and we will achieve whatever we have set our minds to.
Solemanlane++ more_vert
The same situation i suffer and the next day starts and the continued
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@Ajar wellsaid bro.. it feels so good to see al this motivation and help me to recover fast
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Marcus1431 more_vert
Just joined today. I relapsed this morning and I hate it. I hate myself. Let us fight this demons together.
Success01 more_vert
Hello.. Please help me... I was studying.....then suddenly a femdom idea struck my mind... Now it is distracting me very much and pressurising me to do something which I do not want to... It is my 11th day of nofap...please help me relieve some pressure from myself.. I am 18 years old...
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Bat thunder 8 more_vert
Bat thunder 8
Just want to get out of this evil
And achieve my dreams .....
mkinley more_vert
After an year of no pmo, I failed yesterday. This makes me feel like a loser.
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Hey Brothers. Just wanted to give some encouragement! Yesterday I posted on my Instagram story, admitting to my addiction to porn. It was more anxiety-inducing than I expected, but i received some much needed support from ppl I love. I've had a bunch of temptations, believe me. But really wanting to not watch porn is the key. For me, admitting my addiction was another reason to not do pmo. along with the fact that it has hurt me and others. So stay strong friends! You are stronger than you know!
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@mkinley , dont just fall back again, i did similar mistake. Once you fall it again take to much o time to bounce back. You have gained much by not pmoing for years, your have achieved much, just don't loose it by doing it again. Best luck brother
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After relapse you can have a greater will power
I hate it_I love it more_vert
I hate it_I love it
....but without relapse, you will build up more will power that is much stronger
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Hey guys.. im new here.. i just relapsed after 5 days. I think im making progress.
|SEMEN| more_vert
Nah bro that make things worse
Self_Made more_vert
Very well said, we have to stick to this but do remember to not fail the same. Rather, we must learn to fail better than yesterday, we must learn today what we did not know yesterday and always remember that today is the new day, this moment is the new moment.
do3do3 more_vert
i am new here and i am on my third day
Evan-ravaa more_vert
hi . i am new and i am on my day 4