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I used to have a happy life , i decide to quit PMO and my whole life changed , 41 days in and all these intrusive thoughts i never had came, they dont let me sleep at night, I want my life back . i dont want to cry anymore, i dont want to be sad anymore i just want to be happy again. Before all of this i was looking forward to life,college,friends,family,Getting my license, getting a part time Job etc but overall to get closer to god because i knew that PM is a sin . i want to go back but i figuered that ill just be depressed and Sining. Sometimes i feel like God wont give me my reward i dont ask for much Just my life back but Porn and masturbation free. Honestly do u guys think thats to much to ask for? . I have been going to church 3 times a week , im reading the bible, praying daily, and praying the rosary . Im starting to wonder that me quitting was the worst mistake of my life . Dont misunderstand me i have been following god for about 9 years since i was 9 yrs old i love him but sometimes i feel that hes not listening to me . Ill fight till the end
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Do not give up! You are going through a moment of great life decisions, you are young and you have a long way to go. Seek medical professional help. Do not let your mental health play tricks on you. Get medical help!
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