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Anyone know whats the meaning of a blessing? Or if God made any specific ones noted in the Bible? Been trying to search it but they're sort of vague.
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1arqui more_vert
Yeah, I was also wondering about that, and about blessed water. Does someone knows?
ZL71 more_vert
This is a very good site I found. It gives 3 definitions of a blessing.
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1arqui more_vert
Thanks a lot @ZL71
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cornhusker1 more_vert
Matthew 5 has specific blessings
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cornhusker1 My church is currently doing a series over being the blessing if youre intrested
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jesusson more_vert
I missed hearing from you brother , I wish you are doing well ;)
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Doing better @jesusson realized I can't do this without God's power.
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