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New Miracle: Last night, my wife became attractive and sexy again in my perspective. Romance is back. Before It would take me at least 3 days of no PM to make sure that I will feel it but last night I still got it even though I binge fapped last night. Praise the LORD. God is making a way for me. I will quit again, starting today,.
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I wont even give credit to me. It's all because of God's Grace that I am experiencing this. I remember St. Monica, she never lost faith to God that someday her son St. Agustine will repent.
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Saskia Simone
Good for you, and your wife! Enjoy God’s blessings xx
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Marriage is a sacrament where the love of God is experienced in the donation and complete satisfaction of one with another. It is a blessing and may God help you to be faithful
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