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hi i think if i can recover this is the only way 12 steps
i am on o fap from last 3 months but no clean up till now
i really need help i have experience of Narcotics anonymous recovery with 12 steps

i want to know from you guys how can i start my 1st step in this recovery
i was thinking if i replace "drugs" word with "masturbation" i could start but this did not work i started but not find proper realization
and approach

please any help how i took surrender.
how i address my un manageability.
how i feel my powerlessness
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TheMightyQuinn more_vert
You can't do the steps alone. Do you attend meetings and have a sponsor? You will need a sponsor and a group. There are phone meetings. Where are you located?
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TheMightyQuinn more_vert
Check out to find a meeting near you.
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goodfriendjps more_vert
You can also do SAA telephone meetings. I'm looking for a sponsor as well. Best wishes, my friend.
harry287 more_vert
I am in India but in my location there is no S. A OR SLA any kind of metting