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I’ve been sober long enough now to take a STD test. So I went today to do it. It will take 2-3 days for results to come in. I’m soooooo freaking scared.... I hate waiting. I’m afraid I’ll be positive....

I had 4 unprotected sexual experiences with gay men, 3 of them I gave them oral sex with no condom with receiving anal sex with condom. And the final one, I got oral sex from someone.

I don’t think oral sex has as high of a risk as other types of sex, but still really scared..
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Dr_prof more_vert
I would try not to worry ( easier said than done) the chance of seroconversion with a single unprotected episode is 0.5% or 1 in 200. so you have a 2% chance of infection if all of them were infected with hiv. seems unlikely. Good luck.
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