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Today has been a education. I have sinned in the form of masturbation - I am free from pornography today. To God be the glory. Masturbating only taught me that there is no pleasure in sin, only loss of dominion and distance from Christ. However I do not feel pain or shame only love. I am true in my aim to be free from this sin and true in my desire to surrender to the Lord. The natural man in our minds tells us we must masturbate, that it is our nature. It is natural - not nature. I have not posted for a while, disconnection from this is not wise for me. But I have a mind which tells me I am free. Freedom is found in the present and maintained through diligence and faith. I lack in them both but my Lord does not. I tend to ramble when I'm talking to myself - enjoy my ramble. God bless x
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Sin is slavery and the more we sin the more it enslaves us. Thank God that we have been set free! To sin is to seek after the old slavery.
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