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I am frustrated, can't study, fapped today and yesterday, please help
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hrithik__ more_vert
i wanted to achieve my goals, but going opposite to what i want
Shiva44poison more_vert
There is no reason for nofap to you...that's why you failed..
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Dude don't worry even I fapped today. But continue the streak. Don't reset it. My goal is for 365 days. Iam on my 49th day. In these 49 days I watched porn 4 times and only today I masturbated
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Once if you reset your day counter then again you may get temptation tomorrow. So better not to reset it. My advice would be don't stay alone( the reason I fapped today)
Rk@love more_vert
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So continue your day counter. Gud luck!
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DeludedSoul more_vert
Fapping is just the symptom. Frustration seems to be the issue. Try to solve that.
Good soul more_vert
Good soul
sometimes it might happen, as a mens's we can't think about mutiple prolems . , many times i faced these same kind of problems..later i decide to divert my mind.,, like whenever it urges i start to play video games or just go out for short time it totally made u to forget about ur PMO..later u can concentrate on ur studies...