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Hi there, i'm new but very familiar with this community, so my last counter was 77, and i relapsed because i thought that nothing will actually change if i do it, but man i was stupid, i threw myself back to hell, and now i know for sure that it's clearly damaging and NOT healthy, so i'm committed more than ever, and my next goal is to not masturbate until i die.
Trappist more_vert
So true and clearly said.
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TheMightyQuinn more_vert
Way to recommit. Remember, one day at a time. First rule of abstinence: no porn today.
2dayz_iz_2long more_vert
I can relate, I had 6 weeks but as soon as I busted I went down the slippery slope, to ashamed to change my day tracker. Now I'm at day 5 no pmo, been doing my best. Stat strong bro, keep up the good working
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