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I Feel like I'm defeated. If God said we're free why I still addicted of this sickness. Didn't I pray, fast, read books about it? The more I try; The more I keep failing deeper. I wish I never knew how To masturbate (3 years ago)
Now I'm just hopeless, it feels like all the improvement i made in my life don't worth it. For someone who help others, love To learn like me, I Feel it is undeserved. God blessed me, I'm smart than average, leadership model, but this porn addiction is detroying me. I raised a dragon, I try To remove it but It keeps growing. Please guyz pray for me, I believe in Jesus, I believe He died for me, my life has changed in many areas since, but my porn addiction keep growing. I hate it, but I still watch and enjoy it. Pray for me.
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Road To Freedom Finally more_vert
Road To Freedom Finally
There's no justice in this world. Karma doesn't exist, it's a thing from other religions. You've been in this addiction for three years. I've been for over thrice that time and I'm only starting to feel free. To me, you're lucky that you've been dealing with this for so short and still are blessed with sharp mind. I'll pray for you, but they'll be useless without your real will to cut from sin.
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JK243 I'll pray for you. I know how you feel, I know the struggles that is going on in your mind. I pray now that God reveals his helper to you, that you may learn to live in his grace, and for strength to get though this, I pray that you can quite the world down to hear his voice, telling you how much he loves you and is right there. I pray all this in the name of Jesus.
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Tao Jones
When you come to the end of your own strength, that is when Christ's strength starts to look like a viable option. It's the only one that works. The battle begins in the mind -- learn to capture your thoughts and submit them to the Spirit for his input. We tell ourselves many lies; He will replace those lies with his truth. You will stumble many times, but you will have victory if you never give up. Welcome to the Way of the Disciple. It's a hard road, but no other road leads to Life.
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