Post published by Afolayan Oluwafemi

I was around 13 years of age when my pornographic life had begun. I am now 17years. I am a Nigerian. I have been rising and falling. I seriously want to stop this porn addiction. There are times when I feel relaxed that I've stopped only to fall again. I've listened to several bible teachings. My parent knows about my addiction but they only chastised me when I first told them about it but ever since then they never said anything about it and my pornographic life did not stop. I thought they said that I should confess my sin to God and man and I'll be free. But why isn't it so. There are some times that for weeks I can stay out of it but once this fantasies come, I lose focus concentration and won't get things done. I really need freedom from pornography. I DONT WANT TO DIE.
James 1:15.
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Just hold on bro, you will be free!
sir_markus more_vert
Stay strong! You will not die. The fact that you were brave enough to share with your parents says much about how badly you want to get rid of porn. Stay on that road. Use that confidence to withstand and endure your PMO free journey. Welcome.