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Finally I've reached 1 month hard mode. When I look back i would say 'cursed ' was the day when I first started using porn.

As a said in a previous post not allowing the birds of lustful thoughts to build 'nests' in my hair is what helped me.

I would encourage all to read a book above life's turmoil by james Allen. It's a very short but powerful book .Can be read under 30 mts. I applied one principle from that book in my one month successful journey.

The temptation's or urges of a man's heart is the exact register of his own unholiness. Purify thoughts and urges will decrease and will reach a stage when we are in control of our urges. If we fail to purify thoughts urges will controll us.

Two years back i reached 21 day streak but relapsed coz urges controlled me then and my willpower was not so great. I was at the mercy of urges. I was harbouring all impure and evil thoughts and expecting my will power to assist me.Now by Gods grace it's just the opposite.

Two of the greatest benefits that I noticed is upper body strength and cognitive abilities increased greatly.till day 21 i was on flat line. On day 21 i had a 'heavy' wet dream which was non was equivalent of two or three ejaculations. From next day onwards i started getting morning wood.

This is the best decision I've taken in my entire life. I've never been this closer to God before. It's getting easier.

Wherever I cause my name to be remembered, and I will come to you and bless you.(exo 20 24) . Honor God in your body mind and house. Put his name first and above everything. He will bless us.
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Thanks for your journey and Tips bob 2106 . Keep it up! God bless you.
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Tao Jones
The battle begins and ends in the mind. Win it there, and your behavior will follow. Agreed and well done! Cheering you on.
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Afolayan Oluwafemi more_vert
Afolayan Oluwafemi
Please help me am seriously struggling with PMO, I've been on this site, seen people testimony, I've been convinced but my urges still overpower me. Please help, I want to move closer to God.
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Thank you. Recovery has as much positive impact as PMO does negativity and pain
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It all starts in the mind. This is why Jesus gave us the teaching that even a lustful thought is adultery. As sinful humans its an impossible standard which is why we needs God's grace.
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Fleshandblood more_vert
There is no benefit separating mind and body. These emotions are present way before your mind gets involved. These urges originate before the thinking part of your brain has any option, power or control. Find your triggers, and start to put boundaries in place. When the "decision bus" comes along and you use the ticket of rationalizations to get on board. For example saying "I am just....." Be honest where that bus goes and dont go to the bus stop. After a lot of struggling I begged God "Why am I doing this?" Because you enjoy it, came the reply. How do we recover by being H onest O pen and W illing
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Tao Jones
Afolayan Oluwafemi, do you have an AP that you are working with? I would say that would be a great first step, if not. DM me if I can be of service in this regard.
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Tao Jones
I don't choose to look the first time -- that's instinct. I *do* choose to look the second time. That's where the battle starts. Eventually, with God's help, even instincts change and the first look doesn't happen anymore either -- or, when it does, desire is no longer inflamed. I have not arrived at this yet myself (first-look instincts changing), but I believe it is possible, through inward transformation of the heart. I am a work in progress!
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Good to see fellow Christians opening up on here. Its very inspiring. We cannot do this alone. I wish this movement was created 15 years ago. I'm new here btw and I believe God has lead me here, I've been praying for another way to beat this PMO addiction/Sin of lust, in addition to prayer, confession and fasting. Keep up the fight.