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Post published by abcdofindia

Yaar I really need an AP. Koi hai kya interested? I think this group has no active female members. Am I allowed to have a male AP?
JamesBaba more_vert
But let's see if you can get a better AP. It will be more helpful.
NewStarlord more_vert
Reboot is common for men and women, so don't think about gender.I am ready to help.
Light Of Asia more_vert
Light Of Asia
Ap stands for accountability partner, can say accompany @[email protected] Man Made a God
Grow_out_of_it more_vert
Have you posted in women in reboot forum?
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Grow_out_of_it more_vert
It's not that AP should be of same gender you already have so many to help you. But if you are not comfortable you should post in women in reboot and see if find one. But if you dont you already have many to help you. All the best!
abcdofindia more_vert
@Grow_out_of_it hi, yes I posted there as well.. I also posted in public. But again only approached by guys. I have decided to go for a male AP, whoever is comfortable with me. I will prefer a desi fellow, he might understand better
Grow_out_of_it more_vert
Oh! Last year I knew someone who was a female from India and she was from Chennai I believe. But since a long time she has not been here. Hope you find the right person.
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Kannan66 more_vert
@abcdofindia , I am glad to see a enthu female looking for reboot.. I wish you good luck for nofap and give rest to ur fingers :p :p lol
Abhishek_India more_vert
Maian kolkata se hun maam. I could be your AP