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end of my 2nd highest streak 59 days. ham jha se chale the wahi pahuch gaye :(. agin starting from zero
Kratos@The Man Made a God more_vert
[email protected] Man Made a God
Just Learn from mistake brother and try to not repeat that again..... 59 days is awesome... Keep it up...
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ꋫꑛꋫꁒ___ ꁒꐇꁒꐇꀗꌚꑛꐇ___
Totally agree with Kratos. Learn from your mistakes. Keep fighting brother. We are with you!
abcdofindia more_vert
wow 59 is a big deal! respect!
kelsiermistborn more_vert
You're not back to zero,you've accumulated so many benefits, amazing discipline and great will power! Get up back again and win it this time. Good luck :')
Vijayraj1 more_vert
thanks @Kratos, @SidTheRebooter @abcdofindia @kelsiermistborn. i know the first 4 weeks are very tough for me, phir se headache. but thanks bhai log ye time bhi kat hi jayega. any rebooting books apart from "rebooting as the best remedy and breaking the cycle"?