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Here's my story: I was really dependent on this site up until about March. Joining this site was a great decision, but I don't think I was using it well... I was hurting myself because I would find myself scrolling through a bunch of articles that had people giving graphic information about their reboot. It was bad. I left this site in March and came back for a day or two when I felt really bad after relapsing three days in a row. I then told my bishop. Things have gotten better since then, but I know that he can't do anything to change me, I have to be willing to repent myself. This month, I went 17 days in a row and even felt worthy to bless the sacrament one week, but then now I've relapsed two days in a row :( Long story short, I think I'm recovering, I just feel like it's going very slow. I made the decision to quit P 1 year ago from tomorrow, but I want to do better. I need more people to share my experiences with. Especially with those from my faith. I don't know anyone else between 14-18 who is a member of the Church and I was wondering if you guys did so then I can ask him to be an AP. Also if any male is willing to be an AP, I wouldn't mind that, I just prefer someone my age.

P.S. I was held accountable to my bishop for a while, but I had a really bad month of October and lost my accountability to him, other than checking up ever few weeks.

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Roberto Jim
Hi Isaac, I am going to try to write in English, I speak Spanish, I am not your age, I am 28 years old, and I have had problems with PMO, everything started when I was 13 years old and fortunately there was not so much access to P.

Good thing you're looking for help, maybe I'm not the best to help you if I'm having problems myself, but you have a great advantage, you're young and your character is more malleable. Seek your bishop again, do not stop trusting him, keep him informed and keep trying. you can fix the problem and go out worthy to a mission, the mission will change your life and everything will be in the past I'm sure.

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