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Don't hold a lustful though in mind even for a second. It will fire all associated neurons according to Hebbs law( Nerve cells that fire together wire together).Take all thoughts captive to make it obedient to Christ. Ask Christ to fill you with his spirit for this. Once you master your thoughs you become free. You prune away old neural porn circuitry that you've fired and wired over years of porn usage. Once it's starved it no longer controls you.

This pruning away of old circuitry is not easy. You get porn flashback's, blue balls, flatlines depression. You think that returning to PMO is the only way out.

Stay tough during those tough times and you'll come out strong and free.
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Eddie95 more_vert
I really needed this tonight brother. Thanks. To be totally transparent I'm addicted to YouTube which also leads to unproductive time and PMO ultimately. Please pray for me.
Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
I would Like this post twice if I could. Very well said!