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Hello, as I commented a few days ago, I was very motivated and practically immune from Friday until yesterday, but today ... I started with some dangerous symptoms:

- Tiredness (for sleeplessness to be aware of my children who want to get sick)
- Stress (for workload and upcoming date to deliver my thesis)
- Distraction (for fatigue and stress I have tried to distract myself in idle things, such as surfing the Internet watching motorcycles and on Facebook, which I know is not very good to be idle, but I feel that somehow I lower the stress or at least it serves as an escape)

These circumstances lead me straight to a relapse, and as precisely at this moment begin to come thoughts that stimulate me and certainly are appetizing as they release dopamine, I decided to come here and refocus, share what is happening right now and stop at this time.

To be honest I think this is the "MOMENTUM" bone the key moment to STOP and add more fuel to the fire of motivation, well-being and self-control and not fall the slippery of the PMO.

Now that I have read several posts and I am writing here, my mind has been cleared, and I am also very committed to all of you to set a good example to support and strengthen you. So I can say that today I would have fallen, but no, here I am firm and at least TODAY I will not fall.

I'll be back to tell you how my day ended.

I invite you to do this exercise that I have done now, it worked for me very well.
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It is wonderful that you were able to prevent yourself. I have also noticed that I am most vulnerable when I am tired, but for me it is more specifically after I exercise. I will likely employ this same strategy that you have suggested, and I will make sure that I am aware of the circumstances that make me vulnerable to mistakes. Thank you so much for your post!
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