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Today is day 90! Praise God. I don't ever want to go back. I am looking forward to more and more intimacy with Christ, spiritual growth and chances to encourage others. Thank you guys for your continued support and encouragement. This group has helped me stay on track.
Mozie more_vert
Awesome Bro , keep going on
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Healed! more_vert
Way to go. Keep it up
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bob2106 more_vert
Well done im on 60..Guys like u are inspiration for me and all of us..keep goin strong..
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Myfortress more_vert
It got a lot easier for me after 60. Praying that's the case for you brother
Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
Well done, @Myfortress ! Days 60-75 were very hard for me. I endured through them and am right on your tail! :) So privileged to be on this path with many men (and women) like you!
Myfortress more_vert
Good job. We will climb to the rest USD or
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