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hi everyone
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Intelli Gent
Hello, feel free to contribute something useful
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dont know I that was meant to be negative or positive but it sounds negative,I was only saying hello because I just joined this group
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Delirious 1 2018
welcome to the group John! Let us know what's on your mind...sharing your struggles helps you and helps us, so bring it on! I never made it past 4-5 weeks before this site, but my last fall was after 80 days...I feel confident now that I can beat this with the support and advice from this site (and the grace of God, of course!) Praying for you and your success!
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Thanks I never made it past week three but I noticed that when your active you dont think about masturbating for example me and my family recently went on a camping trip for two weeks,not one of those days I thought about M because I was always fishing,swiming,spendind time with my family ect. Also I find it very embarising to go to conffesion and have to confess M so thats also a big motivater because I dont want to feel worried and embaressed when I go to mass,I only started M about 6 or 7 months ago,no P so I feel confident thay I can bet this.
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Slick Willie
Dont be embarrassed to fess masturbation at confession. Priest heard a lot more horrible things there than what youre confessing.
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Thanks,your probely right
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Hello John, count on us and our prayers
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