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Start again, day 0, now I will respond a very long time no more, if I achieve min 25 days I will write you again, because I see it helps me not to stop mastrubation, thanks for your prayers and understanding. God bless you all here, have a great Christmas and happy new year with your families, your brother in christ. John Baur
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Thomas8 more_vert
John, if I understand your post, you decided not to post anymore until you reach 25 days. To me that a bad idea. I found coming here daily reading and posting has help me to stay focused on my goal of being PMO free for life. But that only happens one day at a time. I hope you keep posting.
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Romans 6 23 more_vert
Romans 6 23
I agree with Thomas. now this site can be a trigger I know, but I just avoid certain sections or posts. I know sometimes it feels like you need "merits" or accomplishments to post. but this site isnt for porn addicts who recovered but rather addicts in recovery. do you have an accountability partner?
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Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
I am in touch with brothers and sisters in this fight all day long every day. It is this constant connectedness that has helped me so much this time around. I strongly encourage you to stay in frequent and close communication with your support network. Don't have one yet? You do now! :)
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