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Post published by Grandpa61

Brothers I have three urgent prayer requests.
1) our oldest son who is out of the country on business just called his mom (my wife) and told her the mother of our grandchildren is filing for divorce. Last night we were with our grandkids and one was very quiet and the other one was just very rude so I’m pretty sure they already know. Our son’s wife is an atheist and is raising our grandkids as atheists too. Our son was baptized but was fully indoctrinated into Darwinism in school and now claims to be an atheist too. So there’s a lot to pray for right there.
2) My nephew was driving a semi full of trash and a man somehow got behind him and was crushed to death. My nephew is distraught about the whole thing.
3) My youngest son was moved to a Kansas prison last week where he will spend the next 20+ years on a murder charge.
Thank you for your prayers!
Colin75 more_vert
My goodness Craig that is all terrible news. I will pray right now for you, I promise you. Colin.
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brilliantidiot more_vert
crap that's awful. Be praying for you grandpa!
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