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Guys I have to tell you something. I think that this is very important. I am at day 110 right now and I literally gotta say that.. If it wasn't for Jesus.. I wouldn't have gotten this far. What I do is when I pray to Jesus, I always ask him to free me from temptations and give me strenght to endure it. I pray for strenght to endure temptations literally every day and night. I realized that I've gotten stronger, urges have minimized and I am more able to not fall for temptations even when asleep. Since my weak points are when these temptations come in my dreams. I thank Jesus so much. All the credits are for Jesus. I thank him EVERYDAY for the strenght that he gives me. So always remember, if you're having strong urges and you feel that you are about to fall. CALL ON JESUS AT THAT SAME MOMENT. GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY WITH ALL YOUR HEART. YOU CAN PRAY STANDONG UP I DON'T CARE. CALL ON JESUS EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO WHISPER "JESUS HELP ME" OVER AND OVER AGAIN. DO IT!!!