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Relapsed again.......sigh. Every three months it seems. When I stop I always think I'm handing it over but somewhere along the line, I lose my fear of hentai again.
Nekkhamma more_vert
Good luck my friend, don’t give up! Yes, it seems that when we start to feel better, that porn has a tricky way of convincing us that it’s okay to look at it again. Eventually we all get challenged again. Hope you coming back and get back on track right away :)
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SLAA1 more_vert
I’ve had a thousand Day Ones but I’ve also gotten some time: just get back up on the horse my friend. Good luck!
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Chandler N more_vert
Chandler N
Glad your talkin about it bro. Ive had almost two years before. I get the feeling. But its one day at a time. The feelings of regret and shame will pass!!
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stopclicking more_vert
Thanks, everyone. 72 hours, back on track again. This is a lot trickier for me than alcohol (ten years not a drop). A lot more deceptive. For one thing getting inTOXICated, obviously, is not a natural and healthy desire. The desire to have sex is. In a relapse, it's hard to keep sight of the fact that porn is not a replacement or substitute for sex. It's a mind twister and its own monster. It's also intoxication and 72 hours later when I close my eyes the images keep playing over and over. I look at people in a different, weird way and find it hard to feel proud of myself. Porn has a nasty hangover. And it is a drug. ODAAT
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