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Hi guys. I fell into sexual things with a woman. I have been tempted by the stupid lie that I just need to make sure I don't PMO on my own. I know full well better though that it's not what the Lord has in mind for us. I am not married to her. I have known her for about 18 years. I have been away from women in that way for about 6 or 7 years at least. The Lord told me clear back then He didn't want that for me. So anyway I'm just wanting to bring it to the light with brothers in Christ. It's already done. I can't change it but I don't want it to be a part of my walk. I fell today with her and a few weeks ago also. I will keep moving forward. I am a man of God. I love the Lord and have been walking closely with Him for years. I just caved into the flesh and it does make me sad because she deserves better than a man fufilling his lust on her. Thanks for listening God bless you all my brothers
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6-7 years an amazing feat my brotha!! Nothing but RESPECT for you. I'm on a similar progression. NoFap Padawan. Day 19. Goals: No PM forever and no O until I'm living out God's purpose for me on this planet. Praying for you man, hang in there! And if you want, pray for me as well...I need it haha
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Amen thank you bro yes I will definitely pray for you as well! Those are great goals. I pray the Lord strengthen you to overcome in every area. Thanks for the encouragement man God bless you to infinity and beyond :)
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You say she isn’t your wife walk it out but did you want her to be? If yes, talk things out with her about how you value having a more biblical, wholesome marriage with her before God. If no, remember that sex with her now is baggage for each of your separate marriages later. Something I wish I didn’t bring to my marriage. You may have to dial back on time with her and how you talk to her, firm up boundaries, either way. I appreciate your honesty. Feel free to reach out more if you’d like. I hope God blesses you whatever happens.
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Thank you very much rwilli62. I know you're right. I need to dial back. I knew it was the wrong choice. I don't intend to be married to her. Which makes me even more sad because it was purely lust. We have been good friends and I don't want to destroy that either. I knew what I was getting myself into, yet I went anyways. It wasn't worth it one bit. I'm more sad for her. That as a man God I behaved that way towards her. Totally not what I really want for her life :(
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