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Bless up, my Brothers and Sisters! I want you to know I'm very grateful for your divine association. So I'm keeping y'all in my prayers daily. I've led myself astray for 5 years with shallow, carnal pursuits. But I've found God's Grace again by rekindling my faith in Christ and taking shelter in His's an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. I'm a complete novice compared to most of you...but just want to say if you're ever feeling lost don't be afraid to reach out to me, I know what it's like to climb straight out of rock bottom, clawing and kicking through the mud...PEACE, LOVE, AND GRATITUDE
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Good to have you bro! Glad you are back with the Lord He is so worth it. There's nothing quite as amazing as when a man turns to or back to the Lord..I hear you. I was in a dark tangled mess of a life deep in drugs and all kinds of ungodliness.. so glad your outta the hol too!
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