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Hey, I’ve gone a week and a half without masturbation and I just feel so empty inside. I’ve used masturbation to deal with loneliness and now I’m starting to feel just totally empty inside. Is this natural?
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Slick Willie
All sorts of feelings and desires creep in during reboot. Its the devil whispering bad things in your ear.
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Delirious 1 2018
of course it can be natural. you need to fill that emptiness with real connections: with God, with other faithful friends, with service to others, with personal improvement strategies...tell us about the may help some as well
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Kale Yardstick
It is normal. You have to find something to fill the void. Prayer always helps, but something active that gets you out of the places where you would normally masturbate will help deal with the desire.
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But you are not alone. You have us who have passed and we are in the struggle to be better human beings and more aware of ourselves and our nature. If you are a Catholic remember that we are all brothers and the salvation is not individual but community. Raise your spirits and look for new friends and with the same interests you are pursuing. I pray for you.