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My Fiancé Thinks I am Over PMO

I cried the first time I told my girlfriend I struggled with PMO. She cried with me and forgave me. Months later, I had not shaken my PMO problem. When she asked me how my battle was going, I was honest with her. The pain was so sharp that we did not talk for over a day. She thought my battle was over. After that, I was PMO-free for a month. Then the shock wore off and I was back at it. Six months later, we are engaged, and I still have a PMO problem even though my fiancé thinks it ended six months ago.

With four months left until we get married, I feel an immense pressure to rid myself of PMO before then.
Roader to Freedom more_vert
Roader to Freedom
Then... do it? Come on, man, it's serious. Are you new here? Four months are a great period of time to get rid of that nuisance!
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Trevorphilipz more_vert
congratulations on getting engaged, I hope you and your spouse can come together and build a happy life together despite this issue. The only thing that I can suggest is that you turn to the Heavenly Father for help and support. Let Him be your guide and help you get through this jungle. Best wishes and prayers! May the Lord light your way.
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ArsenalAffliction more_vert
Pray Brother. Do not fight against PMO by yourself. One of our mistakes as fapstronauts is that we try to fight it alone. Brother let me tell you. Whatever you do without Jesus by your side, will not prosper. I went trough that path. I tried stopping M all by myself and fell back a year later. Just to find out that I needed Jesus for this fight. I encourage you to pray day and night for this problem. Tell Jesus to give you strenght to endure temptations and never give in to it no matter how hard it is. God bless you
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Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
@baptizemymind If you want to go into a crash course with me as an AP, send me a direct message. This is the process to get free and stay free. I would be privileged to walk through it with you and help you lay the foundation for a lifetime of freedom from this bondage.
Andalos more_vert
Whenever the urge jumps in, say, "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."
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Congratulations on your engagement, but it might be a good idea to tell her. Dishonesty is no way to start a marriage.
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