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hey friends! i am desperately in need of strengh please pray for me, ask God to give me a special grace to overcome gay the begining of lent i decided to stop everything went well intil last night...2 weeks after....i fell and fell and fell and loved every minute of it...that is the worst part loving sin...i did not watch porn but chatted with guys and seducing them online and the rest of it...HELP ME GOD HELP ME....can someone give me advice and encouragement..i feel i will never overcome this alone and even with any professional help, its stronger than me
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psalms 31, it is a very wonderful prayer.
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Please consider reading it brother. You are not alone, this addiction is hard, but with your prayers God will answer. Have faith brother, with God, you can do anything and overcome obstacles greater than you. Is there a rock that the lord your God cannot lift? He is there for you, to give you "hope and a future."
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I'll pray for you brother. Turn to God and ask for strength to overcome your sin. I wish you the best!
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I will, pray for you men.