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I failed today brothers, and need prayers. I went on my longest streak(28 days) I have in had in years and I got lazy and failed. I am hopeful for the future, but also decimated because I am fearful that my improving physiological state has been reversed, and now I am back to square one as far as P.I.E.D. goes. I appreciate you all for reading this, and wish you all the best on your quests for purity.
RockyBalboa97 more_vert
Stand up brother, reflect on what went wrong, we will be praying for you.
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DestinedToBe more_vert
Dont worry mate.. You'll do it... Just keep praying and its all gonna be good
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AlternativeFalcon01 more_vert
My brother, I'm praying for you to break this wall by the name of Jesus. Don't be depressed because of this, don't even think about this defeat, think about the comeback. God see's that you try, and he still loves you. And remember that he doesn't let you in the temptations that you can't beat. Keep yourself busy and do it till the end.
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frogs2345 more_vert
All is not lost. You have made some progress, no? Have you not learned more about yourself and your limits? Make it another day next time. God has not given you a spirit or failure, or sadness, or weakness. He gave you a spirit of power, and courage, and a heart of flesh where your heart of stone was. So you stumbled, so did Paul. Keep going and keep your eyes transfixed on the glory of God and future blessings you will have.
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Washingcleaner more_vert
Don't give up man push through it and make it to 29 days and beyond.
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Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
The main thing when these slips occur is to make sure they do not turn into binge sessions or chronic relapses (PMO every day or regularly again). get right back on track. If you do not have an AP you are checking in with daily, I recommend this practice! Praying for you and cheering you on!
Trevorphilipz more_vert
Stay strong, bro. Take it one day at a time. You got this.
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