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Holy shit wtf is wrong with me. I fucked up again, this time with a full on session and knew exactly what I was doing but did nothing about it. This is a real addiction and ever since my first relapse two days ago I’ve been looking and coming back to this shit. I honestly feel like I learned nothing from my time off and feel like a sissy more than ever before. I’m pretty scared right now and I’m going out with friends and my gf in an hour and don’t know how I’m going to act like everything is ok.
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You’re hitting a bottom. Lean into this site as hard as you can. Have you considered joining a 12 step program such as SLAA?
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Thanks man. I think I may have overreacted a bit last night and actually had an incredible conversation with my gf about this struggle with gender identity and stuff that comes with this type porn and she was super supportive about it and seemed to understand. I never mentioned it’s name as sissy porn but said trans stuff and essentially what it was into morphing the mind to think I’m something that I’m not. I’ll check out 12 steps as well