Post published by Saskia Simone

Dear brothers and sisters,

Please let me share with you the intercession of some saints who I believe have been particularly helpful in my 104 days clean streak. I have been on this site 4 years, and it is only with faith and spiritual discipline that I have finally managed to be 100 plus days clean.

Firstly, I said a Novena to St Joseph, for the grace of chastity. I also consecrate myself daily to Our Lady using a simple formula, followed by the Hail Mary. I also chose St Philomena, Virgin and Martyr, as my patroness, and beg her intercession via her chaplet. Also, I do a daily Rosary most days (there would be no more than 10 days in this last 100 that I would not have prayed the Rosary).

These, friends, have been my powerful tools. 3 great saints who lived chaste, holy lives, and the graces of the Rosary, whereby I meditate on the life of Christ, have crowded out my disordered attachments. I’ll offer my Rosary tonight for all of you, and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

God Bless,
Your sister in Christ x
Cuauhtli more_vert
I’m asking St. Joseph to help me live a chate life. Daily Rosary prayers are very important as well.