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Relapsed today - forgot what I was fighting for and let the stress of life get to me.

I have always had PMO to distract me from life's pressures. Currently under a lot of stress, and I know that PMO makes things harder. It tears me apart and ruins things. I want to find other ways of dealing with stress, but today it just got me. I forgot that I was fighting for my freedom, and that I am worth fighting for. I went into PMO defeated and feel validated in my defeat. It is sick, I am not worthless, I am worth fighting for. I am worth it to be free of PMO.
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Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
The Maker of all things laid down his life so that we might have freedom. You are worth far more than you can possibly know. Never give up on yourself -- Jesus won't!
Strongman7 more_vert
Of curse you are worth brother! All of us!! Just never give up, because, as Tao Jones wrote - "Jesus won't!"
How many days you were streaking?