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Hi. I started the streak 4 times, failed and this is the 5th time. Now it's one day, I didn't had PMO. i am much tempted by social media to do PMO. I am controlling it. Hope you friends will support me by your motivation to complete successfully 21 days without PMO. Thanks in advance.
SacredSemen101 more_vert
Your determination is your fuel, set your goals on a piece of paper and put your faith in your Isht devta to help you go through this. If you can put your mind in Lord Hanuman he is celibate and practice semen retention. He is someone you can look up too and ask to help you get through this once and for all bro. It is possible to break P,M,O but 100% comes from within. Its all in the mind. The years of P,MO and release of dopamine is going to be hard to battle but its not impossible. If you can make it through first 14-20 days and get a wet dream ( good sign ), you will start breaking the cycle. Peace.
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delhiboy more_vert
You will keep failing until and unless you have a solid reason, why you are doing this. If reason is trivial then you'll keep failing bro
Zender more_vert
delhiboy is right I kept failing until I got a reason ......... However small it maybe find one