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On day 27 of hard mode, and have felt really good about the difference in my mental state. What I've come to realize, but am struggling with, is that fantasy in my mind seems to be keeping me stuck in the mental loop of PMO. I'm not looking at P or physically acting out, but I can't seem to stop having brief fantasies. Really more like mental images, mostly associated with sissy type porn I used to watch, that pop up at the slightest trigger or seemingly randomly. It's making me feel like the addiction is just biding it's time, and my mindset isn't changing like I want. Do longer periods of abstaining from all sexual activity eventually lead to less urges/fantasy? I want my brain chemistry to heal, I guess I just don't know what else I should do to help it. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay positive but I feel like maybe I'm missing something?
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Find something valuable to fill the emptiness with.
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