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Relapsed after 74 days... My previous record was 40 days. I started beliving that this is going to last forever. I was busy this days and I wasn't paying. This is the result of forgetting that without God this fight is impossible.
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When we fall we must rise again....continue in hope! But be alert and know that we are still and will always be in battle against PM. I have been clean for almost 17 have to remind yourself everyday that we are capable of better things.
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Tao Jones
The peace of resting in Christ will indeed last forever, unless we do things to actively disrupt it. 74 days is great! Get refocused on Christ and his sufficiency and move toward him once again. Receiving forgiveness ever day is part of the disciple's life, as well. Onward and upward!
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The runner
I did a month or so then relapsed. You did really well, don't relapse again for a second time right after like I did the next day.
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