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Hello friends. I am only in the beginning of my way to full recovery, it's day 26 only. I understand probably it is too early to worry about it, because there are more important things I should carry about now.However, I want to ask the question you saw billion times already.

I feel girls start attracting me again. That makes me happy. I really want normal relationships again. I want to love somebody and be loved too.
But for this moment I feel very uncomfortable about the idea of having sex. That fucking PIED starts really bothering me. I have very low libido now.

Have anyone here returned back to normal sexual life after having PIED problems?? How much time that required? Is it months or years??
Tiger uppercut! more_vert
Tiger uppercut!
I was able to start having sex again after 60 days hard mode. Everybody is different though.
RadiantSoul more_vert
I was able to have sex after a month but I have no arousal sensation down there and I’m not able to release. If you’re afraid you won’t be able to get it up, just tell her this before you start. “Just to let you know I had an accident A while back, I was playing soccer and a guy shot the ball from point blank range on me, I went to the doctor and said you might have problems performing but you will need a couple of months to heal.” Easy simple believable. Now you have your excuse for your girl. Now you have no excuse to not ask girls out.
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