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Had a relapse. Why? I didn't post for many days. I was busy at work then now this. I do know this. I could be looking at over a million images or movies, I know that I will never be satisfied because PMO is all about greed and selfishness. Even if you have sex with over a million girls, you will never be satisfied. Lust is a bottomless pit that will never be satiated. P is also bottomless. I am sick and tired of this crap. So day 0.
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Posting here is very helpful and important. Have you started a Journal on here yet?
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the discouragement is a tool of satanas that uses to be miserable as he is, not impotant the times that you try it someday it will be the last time
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Agreed about posting often. Helps me a ton.

Porn really is like a bottomless pit--you always need more and more extreme stimulus to reach through the numbing effect it has on your mind and body. Porn numbs our senses. Good experiences heighten them. Food tasting, meditation, scripture study, being mindful of relationships, practicing a musical instrument, and lots of other experiences all help us to become more sensitive to the world around us and to experience them more fully. I love the idea that a reboot can restore feeling.
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I am have also relapsed in the past few days, and so I feel for you. I agree with everything you say.
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