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So I just majorly slipped up, but as often happens, a song is helping me to get back on track.

I'm not sure how many of you are into the more metal side of music, but this song captures so much of what my greatest hope is regarding my faith and quitting porn: "one day, the water's gonna wash it away"

I don't know about you, but I have this deep, deep, desire to be clean again, to be washed, to be whole. I don't know how long it will take me to be free from porn, but I know, one day, there will be nothing separating me from Jesus. That's a good thought, man.

Anyways give this song a listen!! It might surprise some of you!

MasterChief14157 more_vert
Feel pretty much the exact same way. I keep failing but I WILL NOT stop trying. Someday we'll be there mate
Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
There's trying and then there's trying, through, right? Striving in our own strength will get us nowhere. Resting in his strength will get us everything. We need to stop trying our way and start doing it his way instead. Do you know "Himself"? The words capture it perfectly, I think.
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stands to reason more_vert
stands to reason
Your worldly song did not surprise me. It's garbage and please don't post worldly 'music' here. Listening to such 'music' will not save you from what's coming. Awaken to life. Awaken to what Jesus warns. He loves you. He loves all that come here. Mature Christians, let us help our youth. Let us boldly exhort those on the wrong path. What is vexing here, is the compliance and conformity. The enemy that is seeping in through ignorant Conversation; and tolerated at this precious and vital valuable Group. Understand that the powerful force of Satan's music is found in the diabolical way the musical notes are crafted.
stands to reason more_vert
stands to reason
Willpower/self-determination/self-strength/worldly goals, etc., can allow you feel stronger, men, and in charge, make you think (for a small moment) that you are winning the PMO battle, but because it can only grant you limited adrenaline boost, your ability to end all relapses in the PMO cannot not stand with your current mindsets. Why? Because each of you; your mindset is on yourself, and not Jesus. Your mind has already been set and strengthen by Satan's legal right to tempt and torture you both. Unless you come to understand the curse holding you will continue to fail using human strength. @urban_pilgrim @MasterChief14157
Laine Meyers more_vert
Laine Meyers
Well I listened ..... I tried to hear but so many convoluted words. Christ died for all your sins ....He said It is finished ... His blood washed (pass tense) them away. I recommend soothing music.
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urban_pilgrim more_vert
@stands to reason I appreciate your concern, but I wonder if you might be painting with a bit too broad of a brush here. I certainly understand if this isn't your style of music, but I wouldn't necessarily call it worldly "music" just because the style differs from typical Christian Contemporary Music or hymns... in fact, their band name is 'mewithoutYou," which is supposed to signify how weak and powerless we are without God. And though the music is intense, I really appreciate the thought-provoking lyrics
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