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guys please help me.i cant control my urges.i have tried lots of ways..but at end of the day i will loose it.i dont know what to do.i also start loosing hope in Jesus know he can perform wonders but in this case i feel like he have abandoned me.i dont know what to do...
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You are going through a period that is unique to your own situation and yet, it is the type of situation we all go through. When we go through trials like these, one of the most intimidating feelings that we are all alone, no matter how much faith we put into someone or something, be they our friends, family, or God. You are not abandoned but you are remote. It is what makes you feel the way you're feeling right now. But I tell you you are not alone and can always come to me for help.
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Sometimes we should not only put our faith in friends, family, and God, but in our inner abilities to make something of ourselves. Find hidden talents and renew and strengthen talents that you already have. The key, and I'm still trying to learn this myself, is that these things are like muscles. Gotta work em in order for them to grow and prosper.
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Well said thatsingleindividual#K-13. Agree. We cannot set a goal and then poor our faith out to expect it to be accomplished on it's own; we have to use all our strength and abilities not fulfill that goal.
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Right. You also need to make first step, then He will help you to keep going. You experience failure. That´s alright, that happens to everyone. The positive thing is that you keep trying and always stand up again, that you won´t stay on the ground.
But I have to say this: never lose the hope. Jesus never, and this is what I am 100 % sure about, NEVER abandons anyone. Only we by ourselves can abandon Him. Keep praying, find someone who you can talk about that with (any priest or monk or faithful individual that you could speak to) and let the love of Jesus Christ heal and transform your life. Surrender yourself to Him and wonders will happen!
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thank you for your support .
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If any of us has the secret sauce or whatever to never fail, we wouldn't be here. Even if you have to reset every day, make it 25 or 26 hours and resolve to do better. You'll make it overnight soon enough and then you can start fighting for whole weeks and beyond.
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