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DAY 180 : Clarity Through Purity

This hasn't been an easy road for me, nor have I allowed it to be. I have been here before, but in a moment of naivety, I then allowed the virus back into my mind. I convinced myself that as long as I only engaged 'here and there', that I would be just fine. For those of you who are familiar with The Doobie Brothers, they have a song that comes to mind as I recollect some of my choices in the past..."What A Fool Believes", great song.

The virus quickly regained control of my mind, it then began to putrefy my heart, as it does so methodically. Once again, I started losing the ability to stay focused, to deeply engage with others, to enjoy the subtleties of life, to have a balanced emotional presence, and most notably…I started losing the ability to love and enjoy others the way God intended.

I have seen what this has done to me, I have also seen how beautiful life can be without this self-gratifying abomination. I have wasted so much precious time, I have jeopardized loving relationships, I have missed out on golden opportunities…for what? An Empty fantasy. A Deceptive pleasure. A Lie.

Now, at six months, I have seen the progress, and it is beginning to become tangible once again. By the grace of God, I am enjoying so much more in life. My anxious thoughts have subsided. My clouded thoughts have cleared. My sense of well-being is more present. My need to engage with others is now growing. All of this, and a desire to live…to truly live. That means living a life that isn’t always perfect, but you’re now given a chance to prosper as only God intended.

Thank you all for your relentless support, God Bless!
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Tao Jones
You are an encouragement to me, my friend! Glad to be on the journey with you.
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HigherPower72 more_vert
Thanks Tao! To you as well. You've been an invaluable commodity, a true blessing.
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EquitableMove more_vert
Thank you for this, I often think that I can do it here and there too as long as I have large gaps but I remind myself that it will just bring me back to square one and so far it has helped! This strengthens me and I hope to be at 6 months in 5 1/2 months =). By then I will be another year older and hopefully another year wiser!
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A message of blessing for my life, I bless you in the name of Jesus and I am sure that you will reach even further. Go ahead and don´t stop the Holy Spirit is with you
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Thank you for your encouragement in sharing this. Prayers for the Spirit to carry you forward.
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