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Post published by bob2106

Ephe 2 8

..this is not from yourselves this is the gift of God..

This is a short testimony

I tried my best to remain holy in Gods sight by my good works.i would go for like 20 to 25 days and then fail. Maximum ive gone was like 77 days. I tried to find reasons for my failure.

Then one day a sermon gave me the answer i was looking for.

Me trying to lead a holy life was like a man trying to lift a very heavy load using a pulley failing over and over again. Then we see christ attaching a motor to the whole system and the task becomes simple.

This is divine grace which is a free gift given by christ to all who believe in him.

When i received it my whole perspective changed. I understood i was living like a pharasee in the old testament 'boasting' about my streaks and expecting god to bless me coz i was better and holier than others.

Now i know for a fact that its the grace of Jesus which sustains me and it will make me worthy before God the father

This beautiful hymn explains this whole concept in brief
Not the labor of my hands
Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;
Could my zeal no respite know,
Could my tears forever flow,
All could never sin erase,
Thou must save, and save by grace.

If your failing over and over again and try asking Jesus for his grace. It will make christian life easier
RockyBalboa97 more_vert
Very beautiful, thank you
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Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
You got it! The hymn "Himself" says much the same thing and has long been one of my favorites. https://www.biblebelievers.com/simpson-ab_himself.html We begin our life in Christ at rest in him -- there is no other way to move forward but in his strength and not our own.
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