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Today I join this group, thank you for receiving me! I am married, two teenage children, I am little more than 50 years old.
I am on the 67th day of my challenge, very grateful to God for coming here ... I do not remember if I had ever reached this point.
The blessing of Jesus on your life!
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Tao Jones
Welcome! I have been following your personal journal with interest for a while now. You are doing well. I am you will be encouraged here as you are also an encouragement to others. God bless you!
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Welcome, brother. Congrats on such a wonderful accomplishment.
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Same as me persona2903 and same as you Im grateful to enter this group, Im a youth of 18 years old and Im here to support each one of you, so together we can step out of this illness and live peacefully
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Thank you very much @Tao Jones ! God bless you too!
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Thank you for your encouragement, it is very good to be accompanied by all of you throughout this process. I wish you the victory of Christ in your lives!
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Welcome! You are in the right place for support!
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