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I think, that without 2 things, the nofap journey is extremely difficult to overcome.
1. Being Catholic - this is the One True Holy and Apostolic Faith, or the truth. When you are armed with the truth, you will turn to it in times of despair. I especially like to turn to the intercession of our Virgin Mother, Mary. Today being first Saturday, we need to go to confession(this is the best sacrament to help us overcome the evil of PMO), receive holy communion, pray the rosary(try a full rosary) and spent 15 minutes in mental prayer. This is the first Saturday devotion. I also like to pray the Litany of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
2. Involvement of Others - besides being on this forum, do you have a close friend or spouse that can be trusted? Will they take this seriously and help you in the way you need? I recently signed up with Covenant Eyes and having an "ally" is the move I needed. I have gone from PMO multiple times daily to setting a streak of nofap. Currently my streak is 2 weeks but knowing that someone else is watching my internet habits is the best thing I have done to defeat this evil in my life. 30 years of this isn't an easy addiction to give up but with prayer, the sacraments, my ally, and most importantly, the help of my King and Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ, I am determined to overcome and see what life is like without the constant monkey on my back.
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That is really great man. Thank you for that. Absolutely the truth!
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that's awesome! Praying for your success, brother!
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