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Hi all,
Returning after a year break. I’m probably the oldest guy on here (70) so keep that in mind. I had mostly joined to beat gay PMO and deal with SSA. I’m just being honest. I’m married 46 years, love my wife and the gay P was destroying me inside. I rarely look at P anymore and when I do I go to confession. I told my wife and adult children about the SSA and they were wonderful. Having done that did more to free me from my urges and guilt than anything I ever did. I came to realize that the very thing I hated most about myself is what brought me closer to God through Christ than anything else I ever tried in dealing with it. This time I’m mostly trying to get comfortable with stopping M completely.
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Welcome back Breadman. Good to hear from you.
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Satan wants us to hide our weaknesses from ourselves and those who love us. We think who could love us if they knew the real me? When you experience unconditional love you experience how God loves you.
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Welcome back! Glad you're doing well. I, too, feel that M is the biggest difficulty for me. Those urges are what lead me to P. And once I start with P (or P-subs), that becomes its own problem, too, perpetuating the cycle. Praying for you!
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