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After 138 days of No PMO hardmode, I relapsed.
To cure My PIED(i hope its PIED not ED) and autogynephilia I started this. yesterday i tried to hv sex with my new GF for the first time. when we were together, I was so excited and aroused but down there, nothing not even a little bit of erection. After 20-25 min she tried to get it up with her hands nd i ejaculated like in 10 seconds. i told her that i haven't touched it for almost 4 months nd she said "its ok" and then we tried again after 20 mins but no erection. she said its ok we'll try next time. i was so so so so so embarrassed. After she left i wanted to release this sexual energy so I masturbated and again ejaculated so soon with no erection and then again 2 times more and 4 times today.
and in all these ejaculations quantity of semen was not so much as i expected and my semen was yellow now its back to white.
i dont even know how to feel.
i know i can go on for longer streak but whats the point. there was no improvement in ED or autogynephilia, been flatline more than 100 days
SLAA1 more_vert
It’s possible - very possible - that you didn’t give the reboot enough time.
Brown Boy more_vert
Brown Boy
probably but tht incident with my gf made me lost control.
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Maninsearchofasoul more_vert
How long have you had problems with autogynephilia?
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Brown Boy more_vert
Brown Boy
from childhood. long before P or M. when i didnt even know about what is sex.
smoke_ash more_vert
It's your new girlfriend and first time with her, so its very likely that you just freaked out. You are so concerned about your possible PIED or ED that you are just way to stressed to have sex. That happens to a lot of men. Keeping on streak is good, and definitely don't go back to porn. But when you're with your girlfriend, try to relax, feel the trust and comfort between both of you. Focus on how you feel about the person, not the obligation to meet your performance expectation. Remember, that all ED is always treatable, unless you have physiological reasons for it, which is probably not your case.
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