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I'm so done with all this. I relapsed and took the s. Stuff even further than I'd done before. I had an exam yesterday and I'd been on a s. Discord server. I had to study for a really important test but th e whole morning I ended up going to town through the back door... Which isn't something I do often. Now I've damaged something there was quite a lot of blood in my stool. I'm never going back to thst ever again. I'm putting my health on theine for some useless degenerate fetish that only destroys me mentally and physically. I hate it so much.
Sorry if this wa graphic or distasteful
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cBettyford more_vert
Hi, sounds rough. Any idea of how you can leave this compulsive self-harmful behavior behind?
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IsolateOne more_vert
Keep persevering. Don't give up. Its important to remember you are not alone. There is a whole community of us here recovering from this, all in different stages of recovery. And we are all with you.
Roady more_vert
Try to share your secrets with others. That has always help me. It's a hard thing, but you can grow over it.
smoke_ash more_vert
Don't be hard on yourself, but try to remember this and always remind yourself of this occasion in the future whenever the temptations occur. This will eventually become your weapon.