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Full of despair. The firm amendment of life doesn't seem to be so firm. Removed the filters I was using as my devices(phone, computer and tablet) were acting weird. Today, the Sabbath, 3 times. Fr. Ripperger says that sin blinds us to the consequences and has us remember only the pleasure we seek. This is true. It's why I keep falling. Pray for me. My struggle seems, at times, hopeless. went to confession, same confession as always. My pride is the issue. I think I can defeat this without the help of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. My weakness is my pride. Thinking I can handle this on my own. Prayer, Mortification and Staying busy. Peace brothers and sisters in Christ.
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Thank you for sharing. Your story sounds much like mine. I will pray for you. Thank you and God bless.
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Don't give up @League of the Sacred Heart . It is good that you realize your pride is part of the problem. Confess that, in your next confession if you have not already. It is easy to despair of this sin, but we must not. Dust yourself off and try again. Put the filters back. What filter are you using? I recommend Disney circle and I recommend you hand the keys over to someone other than yourself. If you are married, I recommend your wife! Trust me, that's motivating.