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Relapsed on day 94
I don't want to practice habitually this sin like I used to I want to be free pls pray for me that I continue on the path and beat my streak. I am thinking about counting every time I voluntarily edge as a relapse anyone with such experience can tell me if this is a good idea? I am wicked I want to be free but I'm too weak I really need prayer pls.
alpha.buddy more_vert
Once is a reset, not a relapse brother. Edging is not a good idea, kind of defeats the purpose. Edging is M. You may not O, but it’s still M.
70*7 more_vert
I am new to this and so don't feel qualified to be giving out advice at this stage, but quite frankly I am in awe that you have achieved 94 days! I am late 40s and I haven't gone a month without masturbation since I was about 14! Well done! You rock.
GetFreeStayFree more_vert
94 days!! Keep your head up!!
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Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
Praying for you. Christ's strength is available to you -- rely on him to see you through. If your commitment is to no P and no M, then edging counts as M and would be a reason to reset your counter (if you use that tool). I can also highly recommend direct daily accountability with one or more APs as a helpful practice. Many on here would be glad to serve in this capacity, I am sure. God bless you as you pursue the Son!
Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
@Ashish5454 You are welcome here, but please watch your language and keep your posts family-friendly. :)
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HigherPower72 more_vert
I can't say enough good things about achieving a 94 day streak, that's something to be proud of. Please don't beat yourself up over a reset, but allow it to inspire you as you continue your cleansing, for this is a great opportunity for you to assess your lifestyle choices and make adjustments as needed. As mentioned already, APs can be so very beneficial and be that little extra nudge we need to get over the hill. ;)